ann (alishenai) wrote in bookish,

All Together Dead

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris is the seventh book in the popular series The Southern Vampires Mysteries. The story revolves around the all-important Vampire Summit where Sookie and her friends must defend the Queen of Louisiana who will be tried during the event for murdering her husband, King of Arkansas.

As always the story starts slow despite the interesting premise. Sookie is still dating boring old Quinn, who is easilly the least interesting love interest/ character in the series. This novel is also one of the few books where we are not introduced to any new characters which is not necessarilly a bad thing since most of Harris' charcaters are extremally 2-dimensional. A lot of things seem to have happened but nothing really important happens until just before the end -the conclusion to the so-called 'mysteries' was dissapointingly obvious. Not reccommended.

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