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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

Title: Bloodhound
By: Tamora Pierce
Pages: 560
My Rating: B
Summary:  Beka, 17, is serving her first year as a Dog (police officer) in the Provost's Guard. She and her mentor and old partner, Goodwin, are sent from Corus to Port Caynn to try to discover the source of the counterfeit silver coins that are flooding the region, causing soaring grain prices and riots in Corus. Beka is accompanied by Achoo, the scent hound she rescued from its abusive handler.

My thoughts: Spoilers I really don't like 1st person narratives and avoid diary form at all cost, but this is Tamora Pierce so I took a change with this series, but this is the main reason it takes me a month to read a 500 or so page book. That being said, liked Terrier better more action I guess, but I thought bloodhound had a better plot or maybe I just like the idea of counterfeiting? I love, I mean loved, the fact Beka got a bog Achoo, I'm a big dog love! hehe, but I was very sad to see Pounce to leave and just reading the sence where Pounce leaves is heartbreaking and not just for Beka. But I'm sad to said that when he "popped" back up in the end of the book I'd completely forgot about him. Goodwin is great in this book, and as Beka partners they were a awesome team which was why I was so upset to see Goodwin becoming the sergeant, not what I wanted to see at the end, but I'm sorta interested in seeing Beta and Turnstall as partners, but I still think Goodwin and Beka would have been better.  

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