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Summer's Child: Luanne Rice

Stand alone novel, 391 pages. New England and Canadian East seaboard setting. 

The book opens with a prologue, telling the reader about the disappearance of Mara Jameson, a pregnant wife, nine years ago. It then follows the story lines of Maeve, Mara's grandmother, Patrick Murphy, the retired detective who'd been responsible for Mara's case, Lily and her daughter with a heart defect (Rose), Marisa and Jessica, a mother-daughter duo who ran away from Marisa's abusive second husband, and Liam Neill, a marine biologist studying sharks after a shark killed his brother and tore his arm off.

This should have been a gripping book. Rose, the nine-year-old girl with a serious heart defect, was bright and spunky and should have elicited immediate sympathy. Same goes for Marisa and Lily. But unfortunately, I was more or less apathetic towards all of the characters. There was nothing really wrong with the characterization: none of them are "flat", I suppose, but they're not dynamic people, either. (Especially the one-sided villain). The writing was inoffensive, and there was nothing really wrong with the plot or anything.

I suppose it's not my cup of tea, but after reading the prologue, I was expecting much, much more. Very disappointing. 6/10
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