amanda (burn_bright) wrote in bookish,

First and Second books read this year

#1 Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Strictly My Opinion, No Blatant Spoilers: I became very frustrated with this book early on. From the cover of this book it's incredibly obvious that it's about angels...fallen angels at that. This is deduced by a quick glance at the cover. I love fantasy books with richly created fantasy beings, events, worlds and so on. I want to hear the history, struggle, and new twist on the likes of witches, vampires, werewolves, and now here is a YA book dedicated to angels. Yes! I thought to myself. Well, in actuality this book moves at a snail pace. Yes, it's a HUGE secret through 90% of the book that angels are among us on earth. Now I didn't expect them to come right out and say it- but the book is SO obvious in characters, I wanted to hear about the angels. By the end, I feel as though the book DID pick up. I found the author's take on angels WAS cool and interesting but it came so late in the book. A crappy ploy to sell us the 2nd book I feel. And for those people who read Twilight: just take out the word 'vampire' and add 'angel' and you have Hush Hush, but of course Twilight did it much better.

#2 Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Strictly My Opinion, No Blatant Spoilers:
I read this because the movie is coming out and I'm going to see the movie because some brilliant casting director decided to cast Channing Tatum. Haha, now that that's out of the way...Dear John is almost too sickeningly sweet. Every character was too morally righteous. They pretty much all should go down into sainthood for being so patient, giving, and making the right choice everytime. And yes, I have read several Sparks books, this one just didn't strike me as authentic as his others. It was too pretty of a package and left me annoyed rather than satisfied. I will admit though the very last scene, literally the last page, was great! The saving grace for me was picturing Channing Tatum the whole time. I do think Sparks captured military life pretty great, and what it would be like being in a relationship and the dynamics. But it seems also that Sparks only has to look at a computer and it will write a book, his writing is so comfortable.

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