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The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

In participation with calico_reaction 's Book Club for January:

Jenna Fox has just woken from a year-long coma. She can recall facts about history and recite verbatim lines from Walden, but she can’t remember anything about who she is. When her mother gives Jenna a stack of DVDs documenting the 16 years leading up to her coma, she sits down to watch. What she can’t figure out is: why was she in a coma? Why does her grandmother hate her so much? And why does she walk funny?

The Adoration of Jenna Fox is a YA dystopian novel that has all the usual tropes: threat of agricultural integrity (engineered crops vs. natural ones), development of super bugs due to vaccines and over-medication, heavy use of biotechnology, an incredibly devastating--natural--disaster (California had a really bad earthquake), and an angry teenager. To temper the elements that are out of control or have gotten to that point, Pearson introduces Lily, Jenna’s grandmother and a devout Catholic. I don’t normally like the inclusion of religion in the fiction I read (too easily it borders on proselytizing), but here it fuels Lily’s emotional and spiritual motivations and behavior toward Jenna. There is also Allys, a friend Jenna makes in charter school who battles the political and social side of the science that has become quite personal for Lily.

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Tags: category: young adult, genre: science fiction, review

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