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#19 & 20 of 2010: Body Type and Scott Pilgrim Vol 1

If you're a fan of words, tattoos, or both, this should be the perfect book for you. I've been a member of literarytattoos for quite a while now, and I watch Contrariwise, too, so I was amazed that I could find a book about text tattoos! This is mostly photos with captions of what the tattoo represents/why the person got it. It's split into chapters by tattoo theme: literature/poetry/lyrics, typography, self-expression, self-love, love, politics, religion, belief systems, and homage.


Also, Body Type 2 is coming out this March!

This graphic novel is by the same guy who did Lost at Sea, one of the other graphic novels I reviewed recently and enjoyed. I liked how the characters interacted:

Scott, after being accused of something: I'm offended, Kim!
Stephen Stills: Wounded, even?
Scott: Hurt, Kim!
Kim, exasperated: Nevermind, okay?

I don't want to spoil anything, but O'Malley also does a great job of throwing in random... I hesitate to say "magic", but... I guess it's "magical realism", but I haven't seen it done so unpretentiously. I like it so far, and I've requested the next volume from the library.

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