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The Hunger Games

I was gonna put up my review of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins when I saw someone else did, So I'd thought I'd skip the review and goes go strick to my thought on the book. One more opinion on this book couldn't hurt, oh and my grade on this book is an A plus!
I started this book thinking I was going to hate it just because everyone said it was great, I read a few books last every that had really good reviews by a lot of people and I just didn't think the books were all the wonderful. Fortunately, I was wrong with this one. I sat down last night to read only an hour of reading, three hours later I was telling myself five more minutes woudn't kill me. I finally pulled the book out of my hands around one in the morning. I've never read a book were I knew almost everyone one was going to die so I was catch my surpised when I thought entered my mind somewhere around the middle of the book, when Katniss and Rue make an alliance, that I really liked Rue. She was a very sweet, loyal character. That wasn't the part that surpised me, I was surpised when I thought that I can't like Rue she was going to die. And die she did! Also for some strange realize I found myself thinking about the games rule, or lack of knowledge actually. 
Like can you only go to the hunger ganes once, assuming that your won, or can you name be pulled again
or for that matter can Prim name be pulled again next year? or is she safe forever?  

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