Paiyge (ninelifewriter5) wrote in bookish,


Hi guys!

Has anyone here heard of the book Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse? I saw it while browsing a bookstore the other day and thought it looked really interesting. I've not heard of it before, though, and I was cautious as to whether I should buy it or not. I did look up reviews for it on the internet, but to no avail - there wasn't many, and those that were weren't helpful at all.

So what I am asking, is if any of you have heard of/read Steppenwolf, and if it's worth getting?

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks everyone for replying! Everyone's replies were really helpful and I've definitely decided to buy Steppenwolf (and I've now got a few other books to look into too, which is always great). When I've read it I'll post again with my comments.

Thanks again!

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