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Biting the Bullet: Jennifer Rardin

This is the third book in Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Parks series. Spoilers.

In this installment, Jasmine and Vayl--two assassins with the CIA--are sent to Iran. In fact, they are sent to Jasmine's twin brother's Special Ops squad, which has a mole. Cassandra, a Seer, and Bergman, the technology expert, are also along for the ride. They have received information about the Wizard, one antagonist that the CIA has been meaning to take down for awhile.

I really liked this book. It has a bit of a plot twist that makes everything make sense (without the deus ex machina tactic). The thing I really liked, though, was how Jaz and Vayl interacted. *Spoilers* Vayl lost his two sons (a disgruntled farmer shot them) and he has been hunting for their reincarnated souls for almost three hundred years. He is usually quite rational, except with his sons, and when the Seer he goes to talk to tells him that his sons are in Iran, he is overjoyed and agrees to pay her price--turn her into a vampire. It was very interesting to see how Jaz reacted to this and how their characters changed. It also talks about loyalty and how that can be shattered, especially when it pertains to Jaz and David.

Rating: 4 and a half/ five. I detect an Euro-centric (or is America-centric?) view here.
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