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Another One Bites the Dust: Jennifer Rardin

This is the second title in the Jaz Parks series, by Jennifer Rardin (I want to know who makes her covers, actually). It is a 300 page (exact) length. As always, minor spoilers.

Jaz is an assassin who works with Vayl, a 250+ year old vampire. They have found out that Bergman (one of the characters), a tech whiz, has created a new armor using biotechnology that has been stolen by a Chinese vamp, and there's a good chance he's planning to use it to overthrow the government.

As with the first book, the action moves very quickly, but Rardin retains her sharp humor. Supporting characters Bergman and Cassandra are developed (especially Bergman, who in the first book was just a tech-head who had a thing against magic). Though I liked the book, it doesn't stand out (I've read books 1-5 so far). I'm afraid, though, that in the massive, over-saturated genre of vampire-novels, it won't stand out. It's a good read, though.

Rating: 4/5 stars. Recommended for anyone who isn't afraid of blood and violence. Or disgusting hell-spawn. Otherwise, quite fun and Rardin has a way with her words.
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