reign_lake (reign_lake) wrote in bookish,

Koji Suzuki's Ring

Koji Suzuki's Ring was a bit hard for me to get through-not because it was bad, but I don't think the way it's written (or translated?) flowed very well.
There was a small paragragh near the beginning that was repeated twice, each of them translated differently. One was written in the same style as the rest of the book, the second much more fluidly. I probably would have enjoyed it more had it been written the second way (gee, maybe that misprint was why my copy was so cheap, besides it being used).

That said, the story's still interesting and, while I liked the single mother of the movies, the original male Asakawa still makes a likable protaganist. Ryuji just made me uneasy. I wanted to like him, as well, but I think he was meant to make me feel that way.

Of all the incarnations of this book, the first Amercian remake of it was my favorite, with the original Japanese one right behind it (the Korean version just confused me).

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