June 3rd, 2021

Five-Stars: Book Review: Blossoms Over Bringewood by Celena Janton

A piercing scream shattered the reverie of a bride-to-be. Instantly, Melissa Berington left the swans in the Thames River and the cherry tree blossoms to follow the horrific sound across the lush grounds of Bringewood Manor, all the way up to her bedroom, where she finds a young woman about to give birth. The year is 1743. To end the curse haunting her family and threatening her marriage, Melissa must revisit the past. 

The story continued with a wedding ceremony at Bringewood Manor, which at the time is owned by the d’Windesleys. Lord Rickert d’Windesley found himself instantly attracted to Melissa, but the feelings were not mutual-at first. She recalled that her fiancé Tom had told her Lord d’Windesley was wicked. Nevertheless, Melissa convinced herself that knowing this stranger will help her uncover the dark secrets of the estate she inherited.

Miraculously, God introduced Melissa to American preacher Jonathan Edwards when she accepted an invitation from Lady Julianne d’Windesley, the sister of Lord d’Windesley, to attend his sermon. Melissa was mesmerized by his words, as if Preacher Edwards spoke directly to her. She was even more taken upon realizing that God answered her prayers for help. 

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