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It's even sooner than you thought.

I have been contemplating what kind of giveaway I will do for Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Name A Holiday, Any Holiday, and I have decided that I will end the year with a multi-week giveaway. You read that correctly. I'll be giving away one book (some new, some used, but all in excellent condition) each week, from now until New Year's Day.

So, are you ready for Week 1 of the Winter Holiday Book Giveaway Spectacular? Well, get ready, because here it comes!

Week 1
The first book on Elf Min's list is a hardback copy of "Wolf Who Rules", by Wen Spencer, the sequel to "Tinker". (And if I can find my paperback copy of "Tinker", I'll add it to the Giveaway, if the winner wants it.) Spencer is a solid, established writer of urban fantasy, and this book is a good example of her work, with a little romance thrown in the mix. And it has elves, which fits in with our winter holiday theme. *\:-)

If you would like to enter, post a response and tell me where you fall on the Naughty-to-Nice Continuum, where dangerously naughty is #1 and boringly nice is #10.

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