October 10th, 2015


1: Dublin

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1 DUBLIN Edward Rutherford (England, 2003)
(Also published as THE PRINCES OF IRELAND)

This is the  first installment in Rutherford's Dublin Saga.

Spanning across centuries, Dublin tells the story of early Irish history, from the High Kings to the beginning of England's tragic meddling in the island's affairs.

This book - along with London by the same author - was given to me for my birthday before I moved to Ireland.
This was my first time reading a Rutherford, but I can tell he puts a lot of reasearch into a book. The writing is very simple and straightforward, nothing special, but the stories are valuable history lessons. I particularly enjoyed the focus on religion, its developments and changes.
Rutherford demonstrates an excellent understanding of Celtic mythology, which he uses in a more historically plausible manner throughout the book.
I definitely look forward to reading more his books.