November 9th, 2011

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What You Wish For

"North & South was like chocolate to her; her comfort food in literary form, a safe haven she could dip into whenever she needed a respite from her troubles or even just a distraction for a while."

Carrie Preston is desperately trying to stand up to her pushy family and failing badly. When her favourite aunt dies she retreats into her favourite book, Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, only to find herself suddenly stuck in that story and seriously messing with her favourite romance of all time!

When Carrie's kooky aunt bequeaths her a pair of amethyst earrings in her will and says that they will grant her her hearts desire, she has no idea that she will end up in the middle of the 19th century, slap bang in the middle of her favourite book. With nothing but the clothes on her back and her rucksack, she is taken in by the Hale family and soon finds herself living in the dirty, smoky industrial town of Milton.

The only bright spot on the horizon is that she gets to meet the romantic hero of the story, John Thornton but it's not long before he starts setting his sights on her rather than Margaret Hale! Far from living her dream, she is appalled to realise that she is about to destroy the greatest romance since Elizabeth Bennett met Mr Darcy!

"It's clear that the author loves these characters(even when she's destroying
one of MY favourite romances, lol!) and everyone gets a happy ending
(well, aside from the deaths in the original book which also exist here).

It's sad in places and for some reason I felt the deaths of Margaret's parents more keenly than in
did in the original book. Overall though, it's a light hearted affair and quite amusing in places."

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#90 The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockheart

As a freshman, Frankie Landau-Banks was a geeky girl with a passion for the debate team. Then summer came, and Frankie hit puberty. Now with a knockout figure, sophomore Frankie has attracted the attention of popular senior Matthew Livingston. The two quickly become involved, but there are certain secrets that Matthew keeps from Frankie. He is a member of the The Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds, an exclusively all male secret society located at their boarding school. Frankie doesn’t see why she should be left out, and concocts a plan to take over the Basset Hounds, without anyone realizing that she’s doing it.

After thoroughly enjoying Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, I decided to try out another young adult novel that takes place in a boarding school. My attention was immediately drawn to The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, a book which ended up surprising me. I suspected from the summary to be reading a light-hearted romance filled romp, much like Anna and the French Kiss, but The Disreputable History is clearly A Book With A Purpose. Yes, there’s plenty to be fun here but beneath that fun is a message about double standards, and the power struggle that can be found between men and women,

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks covers so many issues regarding gender that I wish that more young adult books would go into. At the same time, the admittedly worthy feminist message almost ends up being the book’s undoing. At times, it is dealt with too heavy handily, making the characters appear to be mouthpieces for the books overall message (an issue, interestingly enough I recently had with a very different book, Xenocide by Orson Scott Card). Fortunately, I felt the book for the most part was really interesting, so my enjoyment wasn’t dampened too much.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is the character of Frankie herself. On one hand, she’s confident and strong (the omniscient narrator even calls her a criminal mastermind), but she can also display vulnerability and uncertainty, which makes her appear more realistic. I enjoyed many of the side characters, who were equally well drawn. Much of the dialogue in this book has a witty, back-and-forth banter like quality that was quite fun to read. The best part of the books of course were the chapters that dealt with the pranks put out by the Basset Hounds. It was at these moments that I felt the book was at it’s strongest.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks may not be a perfect novel, but it’s still an overall solid story that manages to impart important messages while still being a lot of fun to read. I would recommend it to fans of contemporary fiction for young adults, especially those looking for stories that take place in boarding schools.

Rating: four stars
Length: 345 pages
Source: Readfield Community Library
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Chasing the Dragon, by Nicholas Kaufmann

Georgia the dragonslayer is a gritty fantasy noir heroine.

ChiZine Publications, 2010, 134 pages

Centuries ago, St. George fought and killed a dragon-or so the legend goes.

The truth is somewhat different.

George failed in his mission, and the Dragon still walks the Earth, protected by an undead army, hiding in the shadows and slaughtering men, women, and children for its prey. Each of George's descendants through time has been tasked with killing the Dragon, and each has failed.

Twenty-five-year-old Georgia Quincey is the last of the line-the last, best hope for defeating the Dragon once and for all. But Georgia is also an addict, driven to the warm embrace of the needle by the weight of her responsibility and the loss of everything and everyone she has ever loved.

Tracking her nemesis to the small town of Buckshot, New Mexico for their final showdown, Georgia is about to discover the truth about the Dragon, a terrible secret that could put all life on Earth in peril.

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Verdict: A short novella in the bad-ass chicks in tight pants genre, but it's as much horror as fantasy, and the only boyfriend gets ate in a flashback. No romance, just action, mayhem, and monsters. Not an epic story, but a good read.

Halloween lV (4)

I'm a big fan of movie to books(or books to shows.), and I was wandering if anyone know where I can find Halloween lV online for less than $30? I've tried amazon.
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