June 22nd, 2011

books: is there anything they can't do?

Review: Final Rest by Mary Morell (1993)

#38: Final Rest by Mary Morell:

“Okay. Can we agree to disagree about this? Is it okay for me to keep my opinion open or will that seem like a betrayal to you?” Lucia spoke with over a year’s experience in negotiating with Amy.

Amy took several minutes to consider.

Synopsis: Crime-fighting lesbians of the early 90s! It's go time.

My review's up over at Three Dollar Bill.
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holiday reads

The Guardian wants to know about everyone's favourite holiday reads, and Henry James, Proust and Tolstoy are all over the list. Maybe I should take them to Spain with me this year...

Places we don't know very well become so wonderfully entwined with the books we read while we're there. I read Sabriel and a pile of Diana Wynne Jones in Gothenburg, because I found a tiny little scifi and fantasy bookshop there in a back street, and when I think of Jones' books I think of comfortable sunny days and sea-smells and sitting reading outside countless cafés. I read The Yiddish Policemen's Union in New York - mostly while queueing at passport control! And then I read Watchmen on the plane home, in the half-dark while everyone else was asleep around me - supremely creepy, and it was a relief to touch down in rainy grey daylight. But the one I remember best is Robin Hobb's Assassin books, in Spain; I remember finishing them one evening as the sun went down into the sea, and I'd been listening to the Corrs' cover of Little Wing all week (I was about 12, OK?), and now I can't ever hear it without thinking of Fitz and the Fool and having my heart broken (even if I did come to like Liveship Traders better), or see the books without thinking of that sunset.

What about you guys? What are your favourite book-place associations?


Books on the American Revolution?

I'm looking for recommendations for books on the American Revolution--both the political and social aspect and the war itself. Different books that are appropriate for various age groups, would be really appreciated, if anyone knows of a good picture book, elementary, middle school, and high school novel or nonfiction. Historical fiction and biographies concerning any of the prominent events or figures (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, et al) would also be great. 

Thanks in advance! You guys were really helpful in my last request for recommendations. :)

Worst Case by James Patterson

I thought this book was okay but not one of the best books that James Patterson has written. The beginning and end were great but the middle just dragged on and on. The ending though, I will say, was pretty good and somewhat shocking. This is the story of Michael Bennett, a police officer in New York who already has enough on his plate with ten kids and a deceased wife. He gets a little help though from his nanny Mary Catherine, and his Grandfather/preacher, Seamus. But now things have gotten worse because there is a killer on the loose going after children of rich people with a lot of social power. Trying to make a point that this world is going to hell. While having the teens kidnapped he questions them about economic situations and poverty in foreign countries. This man is more hippie gone A.W.O.L. if you ask me. He's a very radical environmentalist. With the help of the FBI, Detective Bennett tracks the killer. I honestly think that this book was rather dull compared to some of his other books (some i consider to be a work of pure genius). Hopefully this next book that I'm reading by James Patterson, also staring Detective Michael Bennett, will be a bit better. I will let you guys know when I find out.

Practical question about The Orphan's Tales

I bought TOT after everyone here gushed about it. My copy arrived today and it looks kind of...rugged. I know a lot of books lately are faux old/uneven/used, but my copy was bad enough that I started wondering whether I didn't get a misprint. Perhaps it's because this is a softcover and I'm used to paperbacks with this effect.

Anyway, to the people who have a copy, is it supposed to look like this?


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Adult books by teenage authors

There are several quite well-known young authors out there who have written quite well-known (or well-publicised) books, but it seems that they are all either aimed at readers of a similar age or in the fantasy genre.
I was wondering if there are any books out there written by teenage/young authors that are actually aimed at an adult audience - as in regular fiction not aimed at young readers.
Thanks :)