August 29th, 2010

Mockingjay anyone?

My apolgies if someone has already posted this topic but I'd love to hear opinions on Mockingjay.

For anyone interested I've posted a review at my journal. It contains spoilers and I expect the comments here will as well. In this vein, I would also love for anyone to post links to their own reviews.
barnaby ward.

childhood trauma caused by reading

Once upon a time, I was ten or eleven, sitting in my fifth-grade classroom. I'm pretty sure my jaw had dropped and my eyebrows slanted in fright and disbelief.

Our teacher was reading a short story by Ray Bradbury aloud, There Will Come Soft Rains. It describes a robotic house that keeps functioning after its human inhabitants have been eradicated by some sort of bomb.

Now, I'm very grateful that the teacher read this story. It introduced me to Ray Bradbury, for one thing, and the more we read the longer we spent time doing things other than math. But it also blew my mind and traumatized me just the teensiest bit. C'mon, I was like, eleven, and the story hints at horrible, horrible nuclear war!

Did you ever read a story that was a little too mature for you, traumatizing your poor younger self? Let's hear it.