February 22nd, 2010

I <3 Books

Looking for opinions 8)

Hello bookish! I have been obsessed with this site 8) I love all of the books I have gotten from this place! It has opened my mind to many more things I would have never read!

Which leads me to this: I am an aspiring writer (I mainly write for now to be a stress release), and I am looking to focus on YA for now. I am particularlly a fan of fiction/fantasy. Nothing completely over-the-top, but also relate-able! I was wondering what you like and dislike about YA novels. I know, from personal experience, that I want something new and refreshing. This vampire craze has been, well, CRAZY! I am just tired of going to the book stores and finding 20+ vamp books or the new zombie fetish. I am not a fan of either. I have read a few series on vamps, but they all start to blur together.

Books such as 'Graceling' and 'The Hunger Games' have been truly interesting, and REFRESHING for me! I wish sometimes we could just call our favorite authors and tell them, "Hey, I liked this story and all, but what about something new?"

I want to be a great writer of course, but I want the respect of readers. In order to get that, I need to listen to the wants and needs! So please tell me, what do you want?! Fame and fortune is nice and all, but a book is priceless! Especially when you have books that helped you through tough times. Whether a self-help book or just an escape, books serve a bigger purpose than celebrities with no underwear on!

I hope this is allowed! I just figured people would appreciate being listened to. I know I do! 8) I hope to hear from you all, and feel free to check out my site. I try to post reviews on there as well!

(By the way I am 21 years old in college!) Not that it mattered ahaha!
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16th century

I'm looking to build a 16th century reading list. History and Literature. Some with a science discovery bent but it doesn't all have to be. I'd be really grateful for suggestions. Thanks.

Book Review: Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon

Inherent Vice is the story of  Larry "Doc" Sportello, a private eye (imagine Sam Spade crossed with Timothy Leary) living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles in 1970 (Pynchon uses the name Gordita Beach, which others have equated to Manhattan Beach where Pynchon lived at that time).  Approached by an ex-girlfriend, Doc, sets out to investigate the possible abduction of Mickey Wolfmann, a billionaire, land-developer that she has been seeing, and he becomes involved in a greater mystery.  And while it may be out of character for Thomas Pynchon to be writing a detective novel all of the obscure references (Parker Center referred to as "the Glass House", etc.), strange character names (see above), weird happenings (zombie attack, etc.) and themes (the distemper of our modern times) are there.

As an Angeleno in exile the book was a fun read.  Every so often there was a reference to a place I have been or lived.  The story flows well for a Pynchon novel without too many lengthy digressions.  The characters are well developed with just the sort of weirdness you would expect from Pynchon.  I would recommend this book as a place to start for anybody interested in reading Pynchon for the first time. It is not as long as his last couple of novels and the story is remarkably straight forward (for him).  While it is definitely not his best work, it is worth reading, and not just for his fans.