June 24th, 2009

Don't talk to me

Flight-Sherman Alexie

Mr. Alexie, you are on NOTICE. If you write ONE MORE novel as brilliant as Absolutely True Diaries of a Part Time Indian or Flight, you will officially be my new literary boyfriend.

Flight tells the story of "Zits," a half Indian, half White 15 year old foster child. His mother died when he was six, and his father ran off the day Zits was born. Because his father never claimed him, Zits can't claim legal status as an Indian. As such, he's placed with white family after white family...read more at my blog!

Terrier (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 1) by Tamora Pierce

This book was a quick and enjoyable read for me. The setting reminded me of
Ankh-Moorpark, a slum full of "colorful" characters on both sides of the law, occasionally at the same time. The teenaged heroine is feisty and capable, if a bit too perfect at times. The supporting characters are well done and interesting in their own right.

It's written in a journal format. But most of the book reads like a regular first person narrative, with a more diary like entry thrown in here and there.

I liked it well enough to continue on with the series.

Rating: 3/5 stars