June 23rd, 2009

Female Friendships

For me, one of the most frustrating things about reading (and watching tv/films) is that I rarely see myself or other women I know in any of the female characters. In Hollywood, there are a slew of ‘bromance’ stories about the close, and often humorous, friendships between men. Female relationships are rarely depicted with the same detail, and when they are, they’re often catty or superficial, or the main female character’s friend merely exists to give her relationship advice.

 I have quite a few close knit girl friends that are more geeky and perverse than a lot of my guy friends. Most of the time, my girl friends would rather spend their money on comics than shoes, and when we get together, we play Mario Kart and talk about our various fandoms instead of gossiping or sulking about being single.

 Basically, can anyone recommend any stories that involve close, well-developed friendships between women? Or, at the very least, a story with geeky female characters? The genre can be YA, realistic fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, historical; doesn’t matter. I’m just tired of bromances getting to have all the fun.


Books: Before or After the Movie

I know, I know. It is generally frowned upon to watch a movie before reading the book, at least if you plan on reading the book.

But, for some books, such as novels that might be of a very high reading level, or books from the 17th-19th century, if there's a movie that you watch, it might be easier to read and enjoy the book it was based upon.

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Ironside by Holly Black

Ironside: A Modern Faerie Tale Ironside: A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black

My review

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Kaye, Corny, and Roiben are back in Ironside, the last in Holly Black’s dark YA fantasy trilogy. Thanks to numerous and subtle references to Tithe, I was able to piece together what happened without feeling too guilty about not rereading it and understood the timeline to Valiant a lot better.

After having won the Unseelie crown at the end of Tithe, Roiben’s coronation is about to begin. He steps up to a throne on shaky grounds: the Seelie and Unseelie courts are near to war with each other despite the uneasy truce between the two. Nicnevin’s dead and Silarial’s beyond angry, willing to do whatever it takes to win both courts for herself.

As Kaye struggles to remain loyal to her Faery self and the human world she was raised in, she makes a drunken declaration, goaded by cruel Faeries at Roiben’s coronation party. With her love declared, Roiben has no choice but to send her on an impossible quest to save her from being bound to both him and his court. In the meantime, the death of Janet, Corny’s sister, is still a fresh wound and in his attempts to heal, he takes drastic measures. He captures a Faery, using torture to glean vital information and intentionally provokes another into placing a Midas inspired curse on him. Now Kaye is on a mission: solve Roiben’s quest, un-curse Corny, and decide if it’s really the right time to let her mother know her real daughter is a changeling.

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