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Review #14: Od Magic

Book: Od Magic by Patricia A. McKillip
Pages: 315
Genre: Fantasy

Summary (from Brenden Vetch has a gift that connects him to the agricultural world, nurturing gardens to flourish and instinctively knowing the healing properties each plant and herb has to offer. Receiving a personal invitation from the wizard Od to become a gardener for her school in the great city of Kelior, he finds a home among every potential wizard who must be trained to serve the Kingdom of Numis. But unknown to the reigning monarchy is the power possessed by the school's new gardener-a power that even Brenden isn't fully aware of, and which is the true reason Od recruited him.

Review: ALPHABET OF THORN touched me like no book ever has before. So obviously, once I finished I dashed to the school library to find something--anything--else by P.A. McKillip. I picked up OD MAGIC, and was utterly enchanted by the beginning. Then came the middle: a meandering desert of the same few characters doing the same thing each chapte, so that I could hardly keep track of the small developments that WERE being made in the plot. From then on, there were some creative concepts and twists, but because of that dry patch...I don't know. I couldn't believe it, entirely. It majorly lacked the epic factor that should come with such enchanting imagery. Much to my surprise, I was fairly disappointed with it overall.
Rating: 3/5 Stars

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