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Lily Bard Series.

Shakespeare's Champion (Lily Bard Mysteries, Book 2)
You can find my review for book one here.
Lily Bard's life in the small town of shakespeare seems to get hectic at times. One day, at her normal work out place, Lily goes to open it for her friend. She finds the door unlocked and gets inside only to discover the body of a town member. This has been the third death in the past couple of months so Lily finds herself wondering if it was an accident. While Lily is trying to put the pieces together for this puzzle, little blue papers start turning up around town. The papers are suggesting that the white people want to take back what is theirs. Lily is disgusted and very confused on what is happening to her small town. She cant help but feel suspicous about a new comer in town. He is tall with dark hair and very mysterious. He keeps popping up with the strange events going on too. Although she feels he might not be as innocent as everyone else thinks, she cant help but feel warmth overcome certain areas when she is around him. This makes it really hard for Lily to stay concentrated on what is going on in her town.

I enjoyed this one a lot more than the other. I felt like there were a lot more events going on. I also find myself reading for who Lily is and not so much about the story. Its nice to read about a strong women sometimes.

Shakespeares Christmas (Book 3)
Lily finally has to confront her sister and family after not seeing them from some time. She feels like they dont know how to deal with her past, just like most people. She returns to her hometown only to discover her lover is there as well. He has been sent there to solve a kidnapping that happend over 8 years ago. Lily is excited that she gets to see Jack but overwhelmed with her parents meeting him and also trying to decide if he was actually going to come see her without the job like he insists. Lily finds herself trying to solve the kidnapping on the inside. There are 3 suspects that she can get really close to but feels guilt about it. Lily doesnt know what to do and finds herself in a pickly on who to suspect.

I really liked this story. I felt it didnt reveal too much and we couldnt really figure out who was guilty until the very end. It wasnt written as well but the plot was better.

Shakespeares Trollop (Book 4)
Lily finds herself trying to solve the murder of one of her previous promiscuious clients. Lily found the body in the woods looking very cruel. Everyone suspects that it was a sexcapade gone wrong but Lily thinks it might have been set up for it to look that way. Lily finds herself dealing with the girls family even though they are very rude. Shes trying to figure what just might have gone wrong since she really doesnt suspect a bad sexual adventure even though the girls sexual history makes it looks this way. Lily cleans out the dead clients apartment to help her mother. She finds the items that deal with the clients sexual adventures and tries to cover them up from the girls mother. During this book, it almost hits too close to home for Lily. Making her face her past and driving her to want to solve this crime even more than some others.

I thought this book was good as well but it got slow in some spots. It could be that I was trying to finish the series though and was getting bored.

Shakespeare's Counselor (Book 5)
Lily decides to join a help group to maybe help her with her past. The group is lead by a counselor new to town. Lily discovers that this conselor has some series problems. She finds out that the lady and her husband have moved 2 times to out run a stalker. It seems the stalker might have found the counselor in her new town. All of a sudden terrible events start happening to the couple and the people around them. Lily cant help but wonder if maybe its one of the new detectives in town who is maybe doing the stalking themselves. Lily finds herself getting close to one of the detectives and learns she suspects the women might be putting herself through the torture for attention. Lily also finds a big fact out about someone else and feels her new life might be ripped in two if she cant figure out a way to stop it. Lily is really stuck in this book and doesnt know who to suspect!

I felt like this book kept getting tangled up in too many stories. I liked the book overall but I couldnt keep up with who to suspect because I felt the author was just throwing new things into it to keep our attention. I feel she might have done a poor job in this but overall the main charector saved the book.

The series average:
Overall I felt the series was a great read. Lily herself keeps me interested even in the spots the books dont.

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