reign_lake (reign_lake) wrote in bookish,

Scott Westerfield's Uglies

I just read Scott Weserfield's Uglies and am left feeling very conflicted (my asian authors reading list starts with Suzuki Koji once I get paid on Thur.).  At first, I thought it might be because, at 30, I'm too far past the intended target age, but then I remembered-there are far too many YA books I adore (The Princess Diaries and Harry Potter series are two of them) for that to be it.  But I realize now what it is.

I don't feel that the big reveal was all that big.  I'm sure others would have to disagree, as I imagine the whole brain damage thing would make other people think otherwise.  But, I dunno, when the doctor was talking about this big secret, I thought it had to do with murder, medical experiments, or something equally horrific.  Personally, looking at Shay and Peris didn't horrify me.  I thought, "That's it?"    The one murder that occurs was what upset me.  Maybe there's more to it in the other books, which I still plan to read, as the story itself's pretty decent.

Anyone read this and think that?  I feel a little let down.

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