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Searching out Books

Hi everyone. This is my first post in the community but I love seeing what people think of different books. It makes me all warm and fuzzy to find that some people love the same books that occupy my favorites shelf. But what this post is really about is getting help with finding a couple of books. I really hope someone can help me.

The first book was a YA book, or maybe even a children's book that my sister brought him from the library one time. It would have been written in or before the late 90s/early 2000s. I seem to remember the cover having pastel colors and pictures of real girls in hearts. The book was about these three girls who go off to a boarding school and have to room with each other or something like that. And they all disliked each other but ended up becoming friends. I also think the POV moved between each of the girls. Anyone have any ideas?

The second book is really vague. It's a book I thought about buying a couple times but never did. It was about this girl who could see a hot ghost, if not more than just that one ghost. And I think she may have had dark hair and been sitting on a beach in the cover art. All I really know for certain is that it's not The Mediator series by Meg Cabot/Jenny Carroll. Sorry it's so vague.

Any help would be amazing! Thanks!

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