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Quickie Book Review: hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Quick Book Review: hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrcik
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 391

Hush, Hush tells the story of Nora Grey, a sophomore in high school living in Maine with her widowed mother. The story begins a year after the murder of her father. Her life is very goal oriented and has the appearance and goals of a very balanced sixteen year old. The strangeness begins in her biology class in the unit of sexual education. As a means to start an ‘investigation’, the teacher has lab partners’ change, introducing her new lab partner, Patch. In their first assignment he made her more and more uncomfortable setting up their relationship for the rest of the novel. After more meetings, both arranged and accidental, Nora found herself both attracted and fearful of Patch. The more she learned about him the more he seemed almost demonic in nature, but his wicked smile and beautiful body made him almost irresistible to her. Even as Patch enters her life, there are others that seem to have an unhealthy interest in her life as well. Suddenly there seems to be attractive boys that spark her interest when no one caught her attention before. Her very simple life turned very complicated with stalkers, murder, love, and possible fallen angels.
This book had a good pace and characters that I would have liked to hang out with in high school. My real problem would be the freedom these teenagers have. While I understand this is a fantasy book, I would find it better suited if the characters were five years older given the freedom and lack of parental presence. The author was obviously influenced by the Twilight series, but not in a way that is completely cliché. The entire time I read this book I flipped each page eager for what the next page would bring to the plot. This was a lovely debut novel by Fitzpatrick and I am excited to read the sequel next year.

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