jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bookish,

So, yesterday, I went round the charity shops near me, for books, like I used to do when I was little.  I got twelve for under £20.:D

Two Ben Elton's that I hadn't read before (This Other Eden and High Society), two Stephen Kings (Rose Madder, which I borrowed from the library and loved, and Bag of Bones which I've never read), Jodi Picoult's Song of the Humpbacked Whale (honestly, her formulaic approach to writing has retconned my love for her work out of existence, but I remain hopeful), The Thirteenth Tale, which, again, I borrowed from the library and loved, Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, an Adele Parks, and a few by authors I've never heard of that just looked interesting.


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