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Quickie Book Review: Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Book Review: Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Published 2004
Genre: Horror
Pages: 405

Sunshine tells the story of a universe much like ours: coffeehouses, government conspiracies, same social structures exist much the same but Other forces linger in the dark. Vampires, Weres, Zombies, Demons and magical forces exist in the world of Rae Seddon, but so does waking up early for work at her family coffeehouse, arguing with her mother and network news crews which made the story telling in Sunshine so much fun. This universe is like ours, but weirder and dangerous in a different, supernatural way. In one scene the reader pictures a typical coffeehouse, and a few later a vampire bites the dust.
After the first few paragraphs I felt like was in the head of the narrator. The universe was so richly described that it felt like my world, too. When each new character was introduced to the story, I felt what Rae felt, be it fear, compassion, anger, love, or confusion. When the story ended, I found myself reading the last five pages over, and over and over – not because I was confused, but because it was such a perfect ending to the story.
This was a gem of book and I highly recommend picking up a copy as soon as possible to anyone who loves to read.

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