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A Special, Spooky, Halloween-Themed Selection of Book News & Links

Author Anne Rice exclaims, "Angels are the new vampires!" (But maybe that's cuz they're what she's currently writing about.)

Looking for good books by great authors that were credited to non-writing no-names? Abe Books has the Top 10 Ghostwritten Books.

Got a hankering for tentacled toffees? Check out McSweeney's Selections from H.P. Lovecraft's brief tenure as a Whitman's Sampler copywriter.

Halloween is here, and the only sheets you're willing to cut holes in are stained with bodily fluids. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Print, cut, wear: literary-themed paper masks.

Want to drop $50 on comics in less than 5 minutes? Then read The Comics Reporter's David Welsh and a Few Friends on Recommended Spooky, Scary and Supernatural Manga.

Frightened that a small breach in copyright will open the floodgates to, say, an unauthorized lexicon, the lawyers in charge of protecting the Harry Potter(c) brand have put the kibosh on a "one-off" (and yet twice a year for the past few years) Harry Potter(c)-themed Halloween dinner party.

Alright, so this last one isn't Halloween-themed at all (in fact, there's probably an argument to made that it's the polar opposite), but I thought I'd toss out a link to it anyway: The Top 10 Reasons Book Club is like Church.

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