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Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett.

Tradition.  Cooking.  Football.  High fashion, and micromail.  Love and romance novels -- indeed, love vs. romance novels.  The servants at the Unseen Academy: Trev, son of the dead football star, who promised his mum never to play, and works as a dribbler (no wizard could work with candles that don't have wax dribbling down the side); Glenda the cook, whose grandmother used to work for the Assassins' Guild and never let the assassins use any of her dishes to poison people with, and the assassins (include Vetinari at the time) obeyed her, and Glenda's cooking abilities take after; Juliet Glenda's gorgeous and none too bright friend.

And Nutt, a dribbler.  Who is small and grey and mysterious.  Talks posh.  Reads a lot.  Is always trying to accumulate worth and has a deep, dark secret.

Plus philosophical meditations on the crab bucket.

It is, of course, a Discworld book, and it contains a lot of references to other Discworld books.  Indeed, I think parts of it may not be clear to someone who picks it up as a first book, some minor but significant characters seem to rely on characterization from other books, but then I wouldn't know, since I recognize them all on sight.  Certainly some of the allusions -- such as why it matters that Rincewind is now Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography.

so -- good Discworld novel.  Not the best one to start with.

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