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Over Sea, Under Stone

Over Sea, Under Stone is the first novel in the Dark is Rising Series by Susan Cooper. The story follows the adventures of Simon, Jane and Barney, who discover an ancient map whilst on a holiday at Cornwell. The children realize that there is Latin writing on the map. Simon is able to translate bit's of the map and together the children realize that the map is somehow related to King Arthur. However, it's not until the children reveal the map to Merry that they discover that the map actually leads to the grail. The rest of the story revolves around the three children and Merry trying to find the grail whilst at the same time trying to protect it from the mysterious enemy who will do anything to get it.

My Rating: 4/ 5

What I liked: I liked the fact that the children had to discover the grail by themselves using only the clues on the map. The reason why I point this out in particular is becuase too many fantasy novels/ series involve children using magic or magical items to be able to achieve their goals.

What I disliked: I found that the novel was a little too childish however it can be argued that this was because the main characters were young children so this can easilly be dismissed. I also didn't like the character's Simon and Jane. I disliked Simon because he was too smug and was always insulting the others and I disliked Jane because she was stupid and annoying.

Would I recommend it? Yes. This novel is suitable for anyone to read.


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