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So have you guys seen these "digi-novels"? A mystery thriller novel that has video footage and hints online so you can "interact" and try to solve the case? I recently read the new Jeffery Deaver novel and he did something similar - since the plot revolved around an online forum, he had a fake one put online so the reader could go browse it and try to find clues. I tell you, it left a really bad taste in my mouth. At least in that case, it wasn't CRUCIAL to do the online thing, just an optional thing. But now I see an advertisement for a book where you have to go watch a video clip online every 20 pages to expand the storyline? I'm not 100% sure, but from the ad it seems like you HAVE to watch the videos or there will be plot holes. Whatever happened to just lying in bed and reading a book, without the need to be "plugged in"? Sure, I could skip that book and buy another one that doesn't have all the gadgetry attached, but I really, really hate to see something like this become the norm. And with the dumbing down of the masses and the shrinking attention span, I regret that it seems very likely this will happen. It's a damn shame.

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