Salina (salsdecember) wrote in bookish,

Need Help finding the perfect book for a birthday

I have a friend's birthday coming up and I want to buy him a book that he would really like. He is in his early 20's and just recently (as in the last two years type of recent) entered the wonderful world of books. Right now he is currently hooked on Fantasy and Young Adult Books. After rummaging through his short pile of series, I noticed that he likes books that spin off of old fairy tales or movies that he saw as a child. Like I said, he's in his "beginning" stage of literal geekiness. 

He's already finished the more popular YA series, like for example: Twilight, Eragon, Harry Potter, Golden Compass. One of his favorite authors is John Connolly. Right now he's enjoying Wicked, and all of those books by that author. I'm already force feeding him Clive Barker's Abarat, and all of Neil Gaiman's work. With a little bit of arm twisting he is also supposed to read the the Charles de Lint books as well. So you don't have to bother recommending me those books.

He does not like vampire books or books with heavy romance. He likes happy and light books, and generally something easy to read. So George Martin will probably not be his cup of tea or any other author along those lines. He also does not like mangas or graphic novels. (Sorry, I tried!) He does not mind books with a female lead character, but he does prefer a more masculine touch. Magical creatures are always a plus. 

Any recommendations you can give me will be highly appreciated. If you can even give me a brief summary of those books, it would be even more helpful to me. Thanks!

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