thethornbird (thethornbird) wrote in bookish,

City of Glass - Paul Auster

A girl I hardly know in my creative writing class recommended a book to me. City of Glass by Paul Auster. She lent me her copy over the weekend. I finished it, it's only 130 pages. I plowed though it, it was that good.

But it left me with so many questions that it kind of made me frustrated at the end. It's a mystery, and I don't like most mysteries simply for the fact that I can usually tell what's going to happen. Anyway, I like book recommendations, but this was from a stranger and she said since I like Poe, I'll like this. I still don't really see the connection, even though Poe was referenced in the book a few times. Anyway, very very good.

Any of you read it? Feel the same way I do at the ending?

I just was left with so many untied ends... and kept wondering

Well what happened to her? What happened to him? What about the twin? lol blargh.

I was waiting for some closure and it never came.

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