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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi 3: Abyss by Troy Denning

I’m disappointed it took until the third book for the Fate of the Jedi series to find a track to get back into, but really glad it did. Otherwise, I think I would have given up on a series for the first time ever. Surprisingly, I’m looking forward to the rest of FOTJ now instead of wondering why I’ve let myself be ruled by forces greater than those measurable by the common man: fandom and a great desire to find out what happens in the EU (at the cost of very thin hardcovers that are not worth the price).

First things first, and for those of you who’ve finished the book already, can you believe Denning waited a whole four chapters before making another Jedi go crazy?! I can’t and I just read it! Before I go nutty with glee, Tahiri’s not dead yet. She’s even been let off the hook (damn, that didn’t even last a whole book), but (BUT!) there’s finally something interesting happening between the lackluster and overhyped “romance” that is Jag and Jaina.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, a quick synopsis:

Luke and Ben have left the Aing Tii and made their way go the Maw Cluster, that big ominous splotchy area of space that’s been revisited so many times it’s no wonder LucasBooks has finally saturated its very existence with lots of significance and pre-planning. Two other Jedi have “gone crazy,” but this time Cilghal’s got an idea of potential victims and is unsurprised when they do so. Her theory is far from reassuring: if the Jedi who were kept in the Maw as children during the NJO are all in danger of harming themselves or others then the Order has a precarious situation in their hands, especially since a connection does not a cause create. Without a cure or any idea of why Jedi are falling like flies, it would seem that the Jedi, under the lead of “Grand Master” Kenth Hamner, are ready to give up the humanistic approach and let Chief of State Daala encase every last victim in carbonite and have done with it. However, the Jedi have a few more tricks up their sleeve and, if Han and Leia have anything to say about it, won’t be giving in to Daala’s overbearing need for power and control.

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