saya (saya_l) wrote in bookish,

looking for recommendations.

im pretty sure i requested this before but i cannot, for the life of me, find that prior post. so here goes.

are there any good books out there that talk about male victimization? hopefully in a dark and intense setting with elements of abuse, violence, noir, erotica, or something to that effect. but really, not all these points have to be met.

and, are there any books that describe a secret/forbidden relationship and the hardships that come with it?

I've recently become interested in these topics but when i search for these two subjects i tend to get non-fiction titles.
well, im willing to read memoirs.

I'm okay with happy endings but I wouldn't really like a book that's all sappy and happy and just ugh.

i would like it if it focused strictly on homosexuality. im just interested in reading about relationships between two men.

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