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I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski by Bill Green

I remember watching The Big Lebowski in college for the first time. It was such an incredibly odd movie: the climax it seemed to be building towards never came, or showed up in a different guise; I couldn’t tell if it was really dark, or really funny. The more I’ve watched it, the more enjoyment I’ve gleaned from it. Bill Green's I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski has only enabled my enjoyment of the movie to grow. I can’t claim to be anywhere near as big a fan as the authors are (after all, they started the “Lebowski Fest” phenomenon, which has been gaining in popularity since it began in 2002), though their level of fandom has birthed a fun book.
The book has in-jokes galore; interview with most of the cast, including many extras and small parts; interview with fans of the movie; interviews with the Coen brothers’ acquaintances whose individual stories and personalities were drawn on for the movie; descriptions of Lebowski Fests past; a guide to noticing certain details in the movie; and a spirited attempt to find all the locations for each scene of the film. You don’t have to be as big a fan as the authors are, but the book has the potential to bring you perilously close! Recommended for any fans of the movie.

Review by Wendell "Scutopus" Edwards

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