Sascha (friggasgirl) wrote in bookish,

Library money on the block...again

This is for all of our Pennsylvania members (but it might be happening to your community as well). The State of PA wants to slash the library funding. The proposed 55% was shot down but it looks as though it might still happen. 12% minimum.

First, if you are from PA I urge you to write your Congressman or Senators and tell them what idiots they are. OK, in a nice way. Library funding should be sacred and untouchable.

Second, if you are from another state, keep and eye on those proposed bills. You might be next. If you were already slashed, I urge you to advocate for your libraries.

Third, I highly suggest donating your used but good books to your local library. If they can't buy new books and movies than I think the readers should try and help. Sometimes bookstores will donate as well. Check them out. Be an advocate for your library. Volunteer time. Donate books. Donate money. Anything.

Contact your local library and ask them what type of donations they accept. Many libraries will take anything and sell (at yard sale prices) those they don't need. Every penny counts.

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