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Sophie's Choice - William Styron

While Styron is a beautiful writer, I don't feel like all 562 pages of this book were necessary. Some parts seemed to drag. I found a lot of it overtly sexual and maybe there was a bit too much jumping around in time?
I wasn't confused, but maybe it could have been done differently.

Sophie's character I was drawn to at first... I won't spoil it for anyone ... but there is the obvious one of Sophie's choices that was hard for her/horrible etc.... but then there was another one at the end of the book that just had me hating her/me going crazy. I couldn't conceive of anyone making such an odd decision.

The reader learns early on that Nathan is a little off ... even before you find out what's causing it. UGH.

Anyway, I definitely think it was worth a read and when I have time I'd like to read some other books by Styron.

Any thoughts?

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