la belle dame sans merci ❤ (cherryfruit) wrote in bookish,
la belle dame sans merci ❤

Looking for werewolf books.

I adore werewolves, but I've only read a handful of books about them, so I'd wanted to look for more. There's just one problem: all the ones I've found are all of this certain... Stock... That I'm not really that interested in reading. You know, the urban fantasy romance novels where the covers are always either a goth girl's lower back tattoo or Fabio's torso, and they're all about some kind of detective chick that spends her time trying to decide whether or not she wants to sleep with the vampire, the werewolf, the demon, the zombie, or the leprechaun, and sometimes solving mysteries that tend to lead to her meeting more supernatural creatures that want to bang her?

...Yeah. Well, I'm more of a fan of the horror/supernatural aspect and the awesome wolf scenes than the, err, erotic aspects of the genre, so I was wonder if anyone had any recommendations!

I'm not necessarily adverse to romantic plotlines, of course, they're just not my top priority. I tend to prefer the werewolf pack dynamic over sulky loner werewolves, and I also lean towards female werewolf heroines and think the vamps vs. weres thing is WAY overplayed by this point. However, I know my options are a lot more limited here than they are with vampires, so I'm willing to settle for anything that isn't too forumulaic.

For the record, I already read Blood and Chocolate years ago, and I did enjoy it.

Thank you very much! ♥

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