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Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan

Title: Midnight Never Come
Author: Marie Brennan
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Pages: 379
Rating: 9/10

This story takes place during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in London. The world is as we know it at that time, but there are also Fae people living among mortals, some even closer than you think. The main character, Lune (a Faerie) is out of favor with her Faerie Queen Invidiana who also happens to be cold and merciless ruler. She rules the Onyx Court which resides under London and the Fae of all of England fear her. Lune along with Michael Deven, a mortal, try and uncover the mystery behind Invidiana and the Onyx Court and try to restore peace between the two worlds.

I really enjoyed this book. Brennan's writing is very light and entertaining. This book focuses mostly on fantastical elements, but I still found that Brennan's research of the time was good. Nothing stuck out at me as being wrong, but maybe I was too into the story to care. This book turned out to have one quite good mystery going and I was surprised to see how much thought Brennan put into it. It tied into real history well.

My only negatives about this story is that I had wished on more than one occasion that Brennan explain the different types of Faerie creatures more thoroughly because I'm not particular familiar with all of them. Also, there was one or two very small lose ends I would have liked to see tied up. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book.

This book is followed by the sequel, In Ashes Lie.


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