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Feed, M.T. Anderson

I monumentally stink at reviews, so take a few notes instead.

Though this novel is classified as YA, I consider sci-fi for all ages, especially satirical sci-fi. The cover alone reflects the vibrancy of the world in which most of the characters live; vibrant and all in your head. (I don't know how to add cover pics to posts.) Besides, orange and turquoise happen to be favorite colors of mine.

Plot: Most people live in a world where they are constantly given advertisements through a transmitter in their heads called a "feed." The main characters find out how much control the feed has over their lives.

Why everyone would love this: Satire, satire, satire, satire, satire, satire. It's very, very tragic because this is a slight exaggeration on American and general modern culture, but I was laughing quite a lot at what Anderson did with many consumer-culture references. I'd love to buy copies of this for everyone I know.

Tags: category: young adult, genre: science fiction, xxx author last name: a-h

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