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A Random Assortment of Book News & Links

Wanna buy a bookstore? Borders UK is looking to unload its 51 stores.

Once a Terminator, always a Terminator. According to PW and The Times Online, Arnold Schwartzenegger Plans to Replace California School Textbooks with E-Books.

1940's plagiarism of a 1920's book results in 1984 making headlines in 2009. Or: George Orwell pinched the plot of 1984 from an old novel hardly anyone's ever heard of. At this point in time, does it even matter?

USA Today plans to charge for a daily, digital version of their motel freebie. The for-a-fee version will be delivered via email to suckers willing to pay for the same content they could get for free on the paper's website.

Care to capitalize on a book buying audience currently being ignored by both Oprah and NPR? has found that fascists of all flavors are willing to pay top dollar for racist, sexist and xenophobic works of the 19th century.

It's Marley & Me meets Pet Cemetery -- at least that's how I'd sum up Thursday's news that Marley & Me author John Grogan plans to resurrect his dead dog for 13 HarperCollins children's books. I mean, whatever happened to 'Rest In Peace'?

In the gimmicky tradition of the heavily-hyped, instantly forgotten First Book Written on a Cell Phone, comes The First Book Written on Facebook. What's more, it's about Facebook! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzzzzzzzzz. (Someone wake me when The First Book is Tweeted on Twitter.)

Cuz I'm in a one-man competition to make the most Where The Wild Things Are related posts in a six month span, allow me to direct you to a new site called Terrible Yellow Eyes. It's an online tribute to Maurice Sendak's masterpiece, where fans of the book are encouraged to send in their own artistic interpretations of Max and the monsters.

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