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Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Title: Wild magic
By: Tamora Pierce
Book series: # 1
Pages: 299
Overall rating: C+, almost B.
Summary: Young Daine's knack with horse gets her a job helping royal horsemistress drive a head of ponies to Tortall. It soon becomes clear that Daine's talent, despite her struggle to hide it, is downright magic. Horses and other animals not only obey the msyterious girl, they come to her and see, to listen her her words. But Daine will have to learn to trust humans before she came to terms with her powers, her past, and herself.( Summary thanks to the back of the book.)

My Review- Other than no fault of my own, I just catch up in fanfiction, this book took longer than expected. I had the wrong idea what this book was about going into it, and therefor it wasn't as good as I story as it might have been. This was a good book the only problem I had with it wild magic kinda flapin out in the middle and it gets kinda borning, but if you can bare it out. It gets better towards the end, also the book feels like it missing something, for the live of me I can't figure it out. I'm hoping when I read book two it will come to me. ( bad review I know, sorry)

My next book will be The Ruby in the smoke by Phil Pullman, I'm stepping away for Tamora Pierce for now, getting my self a break.

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