Admiral Naismith (admnaismith) wrote in bookish,
Admiral Naismith

If my book posts become like this...shoot me.

The division between North Dakota and Saskatchewan may be little more than an invisible line across a dry stretch of prairie. But in her richly textured detective novels, Trebitt transforms the border into a shady netherworld of shifting alliances, dangerous characters, and long-buried secrets. Blister’s Oak, her fourteenth, sees border patrol agent Becky Blister dealing with crises both internal and external: as her search for a missing surveying team takes a baffling turn, she finds that the labyrinths of her own mind prove harsh territory as well. The clipped, wintry prose will be a recognizable pleasure to longtime fans of Trebitt—and it’s a fitting introduction to newbies, who might be sent scrounging for the rest of the Blister canon.

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