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Bones of Faerie - Janni Lee Simner Review

Title: Bones of Faerie
Author: Janni Lee Simner
Year of Publication: 2009
Genre: YA, Fantasty
Pages: 247
First Line: "I had a sister once."

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Liza travels through war-ravaged territory in a struggle to bridge the faerie and human worlds and to bring back her mother while learning of her own powers and that magic can be controlled.

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Review: I am glaring at the book. I'm usually pretty lenient with books. Really. I'll read to the very end of just about anything. But this one almost killed me. Less than half-way through, I was already just skimming because nothing was happening. There were these obnoxious parts where the narrator goes, "I saw--blah blah blah blah blah lakes blah blah blah shiny blah blah magic blah blah" And it always started with "I saw" like it was supposed to be all dramatic. The characters were boring, the plot was seemingly non-existent, the action was also non-existent and it was super super boring. Literally, the whole book was a big box of nothing. I can't even describe. I wouldn't recommend this even to my worst enemies.

Worst part: How boring it was!

Best part: The idea was good, I guess. Apocalypse after a faerie war is a kind of cool idea. Definitely wasn't done right though.

Grade: F

Other Books by This Author: Ghost Horse, The Haunted Trail, others.
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