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Carey, Jacqueline: Santa Olivia

Santa Olivia (2009)
Written by: Jacqueline Carey
Genre: Science Fiction/Superhero
Pages: 341

The premise: based on the cover and the backcover blurb, you might think this is a superhero story involving werewolves. But oh, you'd be mistaken. It's much more than that, and if you're looking to satisfy a werewolf fetish by reading this, then look elsewhere. This is futuristic fiction, science fiction, a kind of dystopia. Loup (pronounced Lou) Garron's father was the product of a genetic experiment that was supposed to render him sterile, but surprise! He wasn't. He meets and falls in love with a woman confined in the Texas city formerly known as Santa Olivia, which is now barricaded and separate from the rest of the United States and Mexico. Loup, like her father, has inherited some of his seemingly super-human strengths, but more interestingly, she's inherited his ability to feel no fear. One might think she's just another kick-ass, bad-ass heroine, but she's not. Instead, this is a coming of age story that includes vigilante justice, boxing, and the hard, hard choice of doing the right thing, even if it means losing your freedom and getting yourself killed.

My Rating

Keeper Shelf: I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book. It's an absolute must for any fan of Jacquline Carey's work, and for those of you who aren't fans because you're wary of any explicit violence or sex, don't fear. This book is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the Kushiel series, so take note. It's not urban fantasy or paranormal romance or even superhero-fiction. It's a dystopic SF (or futuristic fiction if you prefer) that has a splash of vigilantism and a whole lot of boxing and a story that'll sweep you right off your feet. The characters are fantastic, people you really want to root for, and the relationships--romantic, platonic, and fraternal--really make this book a winner. It's a fantastic read, and I really hope Carey continues with this series. This is my favorite read of the year by far.

Review style: this will be another stream-of-conscious review, and yes, there will be spoilers. Sorry. But I loved this book too much not to be allowed to ramble some. So, if you want the full review, it's in my LJ to protect those who do not want to be spoiled. :) As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)

REVIEW: Jacqueline Carey's SANTA OLIVIA

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