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Melko, Paul: Singularity's Ring

Singularity's Ring (2008)
Written by: Paul Melko
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 326

The premise: Apollo Papadopulos is actually not an individual person at all, but made up of five separate teenagers who form a new entity by combining their specialties and talents. Strom, Meda, Quant, Manuel, and Moira are a pod, and are engineered to share thoughts and information non-verbally, as well as work and think as one person. They are training to become the captain of a starship, but someone doesn't want them to achieve their goal. What starts out as a series of accidents turns into something more sinister, and it's all Apollo can do to survive, as well as keep the sum of its parts.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: it's an enjoyable science fiction debut, if only for the fascinating concepts of individuals engineered to become a pod and the descriptions of how each of these individuals function within and what they bring to the group. It's a solid read that does leave you asking questions in the end, but I think some of the answers to my questions can be found in the text--I was just reading too fast. The chapters are too long for my taste, though they're structured like (and in some cases ARE) short stories, and knowing that helps with the pacing. I'm definitely interested in reading more work from Melko, but I'm also happy to wait for the mass-market versions of his work. Good stuff, interesting stuff, and worth checking out if you're a fan of SF.

Review style: Back to the stream-of-conscious review style with spoilers scattered all over the place. I've got to talk this one out, folks. :) So if you want to read the full review, the link leads to my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.


Happy Reading! :)

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