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i can't remember this book's title/author

and I've tried so long and hard to remember, to no avail. :(

I read the book back in high school and remember being so impressed by it that I lent it to someone in the senior class. The guy of course didn't return it. Yes, it still makes me angry.

Anyway. Here's what I can remember from the book. Just bits and pieces, actually.

- the first chapter of the novel tells something about a group of boys in a school. one of the boys has just swiped some coins, and the school's trying to find out who it is
- there's a scene involving the boy and the mother of his best friend talking in a church
- fast-forward to several years later. the boy and his friend are now young men.
- there's something about brothels, and syphilis
- there's something about a family of bankers, or a family with a bank. they are Methodists (I don't know why this stuck with me). the boy's best friend belongs to this family
- there's a hint at a relationship between the boy and his best friend (his best friend eventually gets syphilis)
- there's a scene on a ship where someone gets killed. or something like that.
- i remember the book as being very graphic

And that's all I remember.

Please leave a comment if you have any idea, any idea at all, what book I'm talking about. I can't even remember the author, so this really sucks. :(

Thanks a bunch!


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