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Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage by Robert Morgan -- I will be upfront and say that I hate Oprah Winfrey. Well, as much as I can "hate" someone I don't even know. I've never enjoyed Oprah's television show. I think she constantly interrupts her guests, only to talk about herself. Annoying!

But, I will say this: the woman knows how to pick a book! (Or, her behind-the-scenes-people do.) If I see the Oprah stamp of approval on the cover of a novel, I definitely give it a chance. And Gap Creek did not disappoint.

The writing was sparse. Each sentence had a purpose. In my opinion, the male author mastered the perspective of a young, inexperienced bride. Even though the plot was set in 1900, teenage Julie's emotions are applicable today.

And I've discovered that I am fascinated by novels about farm life! This intrigues me. (As long as I can realistically have the comforts of my toilet, shower, fridge, computer, and television.)

Have you read other books by Robert Morgan, or ones with a similar setting? Recommendations are appreciated!

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