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Priest, Cherie: Those Who Went Remain There Still

Those Who Went Remain There Still (2008)
Written by: Cherie Priest
Genre: Horror
Pages: 170

The premise: When the patriarch of a small town in Kentucky passes away, two feuding families (the Coys and the Manders) must unite to find the old man's will, which he had hidden in a cave that's got SOMETHING seriously wrong in it. And that something will do everything it can to kill these men, if the men don't kill each other first.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: though that's a tricky rating: I bought the limited edition and therefore paid more for it than you would if you just ordered the regular hardcover through Amazon, but it's worth whatever you pay for it, especially if you're a fan of Priest's work. I love how she takes American folk tales and mythology and works them into horror stories that are both intelligently written and beautifully told. And, of course, keep you turning the pages. Priest remains one of my must-read authors, and she's one of the few I'll happily recommend to anyone I know who's interested in horror or urban fantasy or any mix thereof. Not that her latest work could be categorized as UF, but I'm saying, there's a range in the genres she writes, and this one is definitely on the horror side. But no matter what she does, it's top-notch, and I'm glad I've got this book in my collection. Also, I love the eerie title, and it fits really, really, frighteningly well with the people in the story. It's so appropriately Southern.

The full review, which DOES NOT contain spoilers and also includes cover art commentary, may be found in my LJ. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome.


Happy Reading!

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